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Zaytuna College

We are proud partners of Zaytuna College as they undertake a significant transformation to their campus’ structures and landscapes. Over the past few years, we have completed projects ranging from garden designs to lecture hall interiors to dormitories!

Zaytuna College Upper Campus is located at the highest elevation in Berkeley. The dreamy and secluded grounds boast the best views in town- a constant source of design inspiration. The site is open to the public, so do check it out on a sunny day if you are in the area!


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Founder's Hall Garden
Lecture Hall
Alalusi Dormitories
Sophia Hall Garden

Sophia Hall Garden

landscape design

Alalusi dormitories

building renovation and interior design

The perforated, adjustable screen creates privacy at eye level and below while allowing natural light from the singular window to seep in from above.

Founder's hall garden

landscape design

Lecture hall

interior design
We had the pleasure of working with Mahya and her talented team to design commercial gardens, and they did an amazing job, it was what we had in mind and more. Great service and communication, highly recommended.

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