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Washington Residence

TYPE: Single-Family Residence
TASK: Architecture, New Construction, and Interior Design
LOT SIZE: 12,700 SF
STATUS: Building Permit

One of the most challenging and also exciting tasks for any architect would be designing a new construction building to be the long-term home for a family. Starting with a clean slate gives us unlimited opportunities while forcing us to make tough decisions.

The Story

The design is intended to harmonize with the neighborhood and, in many ways, extends to the neighborhood’s well-being. The creation of the new home will benefit the local and city-wide community. The residence will be a healthy and joyous environment for its respective owners, who can plant roots and thrive in their new home for many years to come.

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After a ton of deliberation to either purchase an already built property or buy and build on a vacant lot, we chose the later. That's when we met Mahya and her team and couldn't be happier. She and her team are incredibly talented and very patient. What makes her stand apart is her artistic eye and attention to detail. We are super close to getting our permits and can't wait to work with her during the construction phase as well. If you have a big project like ours, Mahya is the architect you'd want to go with.

Bhanu, Owner

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