Mahya Salehi Studio |Architecture + Interior|

M!nd Coffee

TYPE: Coffeehouse
TASK: Architecture
and Interior Design
LOT SIZE: 8,880 SF
STATUS: Completed

We were given creative freedom to design the concept behind the Mind Coffee brand and their New Coffee shop in Berkeley. So we designed it the way our minds feel… on the inside!

The Story


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Working with Mahya and her team has been a great pleasure. Our space was not the most design-friendly space, but Mahya, Fabian, and the rest of the team figured out to make it not only work, but thrive. Our task for the team was not easy, create a space for our coffee shop that represents our mission of mental health awareness and is also mentally calming in some ways, and stimulating in others, all while utilizing the limited space available. They did exactly that, and more. Mahya, Fabian, and everyone else on the team went above and beyond. When numerous obstacles arose with the city, Mahya was there to make sure we could find away over them. When we were at a loss for ideas on how to make something work, Fabian was always there to figure out the right touch that brought all of the design together. We couldn't be happier with their work.


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